Teach Me How to Google

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  • Is anyone teaching people [[how to google]] for information? Specifically thinking for programmers, but could be for anyone
  • One of the biggest complaints I see in programming education, whether in college or posts I've seen about @LambdaSchool, is "we are paying YOU, YOU should give us the info we need, NOT google." From personal experience, I understand this frustration
  • Institutions justify this by saying things like "it's a skill you need to work on anyway... it's good our assignments force you to do it." If it is necessary, googling itself should be part what is taught
  • There could be lessons on "how to google error messages", "how to craft searches with good keywords", "how to pick answers", etc. Then, as students go on, they can't complain "you didn't teach us this," because you taught them the skill itself, not just the info at the end.
  • Teach them how to fish, don't just give them fish type of deal Seems like this could accelerate programming eduction

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