Link Party! 2021-06-06

I just got home from the Mountain Music Fest. It was mad fun. Got my southern hippy on with a whole lotta jam band action then the Wood Brothers to top it all off last night. It was a sick weekend.

Because I didn't get any laptop time this weekend I decided to throw a [[link party]] instead. Check 'em out:

Let's cultivate thread energy like this: [[Healthcare]] Hacks

Funny and Interesting Drug History

I haven't gotten all the way through this yet, but the intro history about caffeine has me hooked (and laughing).

The Hots for [[Huxley]]

Paul and I have shared some great DM's about [[Huxley]] before. This video is a great primer for his obsession with [[Huxley]]

Serious Dad Tweet

Somewhere deep inside we all want to make our parents proud. This is a great thought experiment (for those whose parents are still alive) to contemplate your relationship.

Stealing Startup Ideas From Smart Students? lol

The closest thing you can get to a crystal ball these days

Other programmers can relate:

I write the best self-documenting code around.

These guys weren't fuckin' around when they said full bennies

My Own

My Linked Notes

One last thing

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