Weekly Review, 2021-07-18

[[How Much Do We Work]]

[[Dynamic Land]]

Through [[Dominic Cummings]] blog, I found [[Dynamic Land]] this week, which is a really cool project co-founded by [[Bret Victor]] and [[Alan Kay]].

Their long term vision:

2060: The dynamic medium, everywhere, built into all infrastructure as electric lighting is today. As a non-profit, we are free and obligated to do whatever it takes to ensure that this pervasive medium is safe and empowers all people, rather than prioritizing corporate or nefarious interests.

What I forgot to include, though, is that they want their [[Tony Stark]]-like labs to be publicly available (like libraries) - not just the rich who can afford them.

The [[dynamic medium]] allows us to "think as whole humans." By turning the computer into a whole room/building/space, we can interact with our full bodies, not just our eyes and fingers.

[[Bret Victor]]

  • After finding [[DynamicLand]], I returned to Bret's awesome personal website. It's not like any other site on the internet. He flexes his great UI understanding while showing off all of his great projects.
  • I plan to spend more time reading and watching videos about his work, as well as [[Alan Kay]].

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