How it Works

The Jungle is my digital garden. The structure of the notes is inspired by RoamResearch

Each page is a note on a topic. At the bottom of each page, you'll see a section titled My Linked Notes. This a list of all other notes that reference your current note. Pages link to other pages based on text enclosed in double brackets (like this: [[The Jungle]]). Click on them to go to that note.

Often, you may find yourself on a page that has no text on the note itself, but is only in other notes. That is a feature, not a bug. It allows me to build context about that note from the reference point of other ideas before creating the note itself.

My hope is to leave readers with open tabs and an an open mind.


This site is built with gatsby, on top of a plugin built by Aengus Mcmillin.


As Josh Waitzkin describes in [[The Art of Learning]], learning is like hacking your way through a jungle. All directions look the same, you're tired, but there is only one thing to do - keep moving. As a result, you build trails through previously untouched patches, you find important landmarks, and you eventually understand the previously mysterious world that surrounds you.

I like to visualize my knowledge with this metaphor. Through my work, I've built an extensive mental trail system of [[python]] programming, [[machine learning]] and [[kubernetes]]. For fun, I've recently begun building a mental trail system about [[MTB]] and all that it entails. Soon, I hope to begin building trail systems to better understand topics like [[genomics]], [[quantum computing]], and [[wearable technology]].

For now, much of the writing on this site will not be directly related to my established trail systems. Instead, I'm going to explore new and experimental ideas. You will often see my understanding of new ideas grow from my initial knowledge of specific fields, for better or worse.

One last thing

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