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    The ideas here are also closely related to those in [[The Power Paradox]], which has a great term for our obsession with successful individuals - [[narratives of exceptionalism]]. [[Dacher Keltner]] shares results from experiments in which less powerful people more likely to attribute success (of lack thereof) to an individual's environment, while more powerful people are likely to attribute success to an individual's "special gifts". More and more, I am starting appreciate environments over special individuals. It's starting to make me question my sources of inspiration, like The [[Tim Ferris]] Show and writing like Peter Thiel's Religion.

  • 2020-10-17

    When I look around at others who have given me great inspiration in my life, there is one common denominator: they are all great writers. From people I've been following for years like [[Tim Ferris]], [[Tim Urban]],and [[Ben Hardy]] to those I've stumbled onto more recently like [[David Perrell]] and [[Salman Ansari]], they all write extremely well and preach the importance of consistent writing. Those folks and many others are why I'm starting my Daily Notes publishing. Starting today, I am going to publish new notes every day indefinitely. These notes are low pressure, low edited, low quality, but high quantity. Many days, I write these notes in Roam anyway, so I'm just going to share them as well. Even on days when I don't think anyone could care less about what I wrote or I think the quality of the writing is terrible, I will share. The idea behind this is that making my notes public will encourage me to improve my self-expression to others, as well as make more deep connections with new people who may somehow find themselves on my site. Maybe you will like some of them. If not, my future-self will be happy I took this on either way.

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    I recently listened to [[Seth Godin]] interviews on The [[Tim Ferris]] Show and [[The North Star]]. As usual, he was very entertaining

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